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Here is a range of the Fabrication products we maintain. If you have a specific requirement please contact us through our enquiries form. Click on the images to enlarge for more detail.
Hot Dipped Galvanised Studs M8 to M24 Hex. Flange Head M6 & M8 Hex Nut Stainless Steel M8 to M12 (O/D M12 to M18) HSS 1mm to 13mm
Nylon Plug 5 to 14mm Masonry 4mm to 25mm SDS 5mm to 25mm SDS Max 12mm to 40mm
Stainless Steel Studs A2 & A4, M8 & M24 Stainless Steel Internal Threaded Sockets M8 to M16 Zinc Plated Internal Threaded Sockets M8 to M16