Here is a range of the Bolts we maintain, we also supply BSF,UNF,UNC & BA including grade 10.9.

If you have a specific requirement please contact us through our enquiries form. Click on the images to enlarge for more detail.

Cup SQ Bolts & Nuts Heavy duty CSK
Throughbolt anchor
Timberdrive HX Screws for decking (inc CSK decking screws) HX Coach screws
HT Bolts & set screws Zinc plated & self colour R Clips Allthread cut to length or standard 1Mtr, 2Mtr & 3Mtr lengths in mild steel & HT U Bolts: Diameter 5mm to 24mm
Washers in Metric & Imperial (Form A,B,C,D & T3, T4) also Square Plate washers to order HX Set Screws up to 300mm long and longer Throughbolts (JCP, RAWL, HILTI, FISCHER ) Woodscrews in steel (hardened) Zinc, Stainless Steel & Brass
SKT Cap screws 2mm to 52mm Diameter also blanks made to order